Separation Anxiety Group Training

Separation Anxiety Group Training

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Does your dog cry when he/she is in the crate?  Is your dog your Velcro where he/she is attached to your side? Does your dog bark anxiously when you walk away from them (if he/she can’t follow you)? If your dog destroying your home and furnishings and causing noise complaints with endless barking? 

This program will help you address your dog’s Separation Anxiety issues and provide you with the information and exercises to help you nip this in the bud, once and for all.  Don’t let separation anxiety deny you of your freedom and your life.

This course is conducted virtually over 4 weeks via Zoom.  It is important the instructor gets to see your current setup at home as that may contribute to the anxiety your dog is currently experiencing.  This virtual arrangement of the class is beneficial for anxiety dogs as this will help keep them calm rather than in a loud social environment where your dog may panic and disturb you from focusing on proper course materials.

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