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Honest Kitchen - Superfood Cod Crisps (Cod & Blueberry)

Honest Kitchen - Superfood Cod Crisps (Cod & Blueberry)

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RECOMMENDED FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS - We believe health starts with human grade, whole foods. Our 2 ingredient Superfood Cod Crisps are made with Icelandic Cod and juicy blueberries — that’s it! Gently dehydrated to retain their flavor and nutrition, they’re loaded with omegas, antioxidants and pure, lean protein. Super crisp superfoods that are super tasty — especially for picky or sensitive pups.


Cod, blueberries.


Calories:            -
Protein:             80%
Fat:                    4%
Fiber:                1%
Moisture:          8%
*Per dry cup

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