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Canine Foundations Class

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Successful dog training requires a solid foundation!  This course is one of the most important classes you will take with your pup to ensure everything is done properly at home in the right ways.

Originally named Puppy Foundations, it was found that many families with older dogs with social or behavioural issues lacked the fundamental knowledge for communicating and controlling their pets.  Therefore, this course is also appropriate for families with dogs under the age of 3 who have not had any formal training before.

This course introduces you to our holistic approach to dog training, where you will learn to build that trusted relationship with your dog so that he/she will respond to your commands, and in turn, you will become more confident with communicating with your dog and understanding its needs. The objective of this course is to provide you with the foundational knowledge and techniques so that you can train your dog to become more confident, independent, and well-mannered around new people and other dogs. Understanding a dog’s behaviour is influenced by its environment, experiences, health, and mindset, our instructor will utilize canine behaviour theory, natural wellness, and positive reinforcement techniques to help address common issues experienced by most dog owners.

The contents of this course are unique in the dog training industry as our trainer combines knowledge across many disciplines (canine behaviour, body language, nutrition, and wellness) to enrich the learning for the students. 

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for enrolling in our Canine Socialization class, as well as our Manners & Obedience series of classes.

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