Tollden - Rabbit & Botanical

Tollden - Rabbit & Botanical

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Double ground rabbit and rabbit bones, turkey bones, heart, liver; botanical blend of seeds, roots and grasses consisting of: dandelion leaves, lemon grass, parsley, burdock root, oat straw, kelp, Omega 3 old water, cold pressed fish oil (18 DHA, 12 EPA)

Nutritional Analysis
per kg

Moisture                                     74.10%
Protein                                        15.20%
Phosphorus                                  0.35%
Calcium                                        0.45%
Ash                                               4.49%
Fat                                                7.30%
Fibre                                             <1.0%
Calories                            1,105 (kcal/kg)

Available Sizes
3lb (1/4lb patties)

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