Walking Your Dog Effectively Training Course

Walking Your Dog Effectively Training Course

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Does your dog pull on a leash?  Do you have a hard time walking your dog outdoors?  Is your dog easily distracted by everything (e.g., squirrels)?  Does your dog bark and lunge at the sight of other dogs/people/cars/objects/small animals? Does your dog have a hard time focusing on you outdoors?

Join us on a 4-week course designed to help you perfect the handling of your dog on walks, helps you regain control, better your body language and communication with your dog, learn how to get your dog's consistent focus, and curb those lunging/barking behaviors they are exhibiting on walks.  

The contents of this course are unique in the dog training industry as our trainer combines knowledge across many disciplines (canine behavior, body language, nutrition, and wellness) to enrich the learning for the students. 

This course is delivered virtually via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.  You may need a second person to assist in filming your handling of the dog during certain walking exercises.

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