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Woofur - Dehydrated Frozen Chicken Necks

Woofur - Dehydrated Frozen Chicken Necks

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Indulge your pets with the exquisite taste of our Frozen Chicken Necks, sourced exclusively from organically raised chickens. These premium-quality treats offer a trifecta of benefits. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they also help improve dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Their natural calcium content supports strong bones and teeth. Plus, for pet owners, these treats lead to the additional advantage of firmer stools.


Treat your cherished companions to the very best – order today for a premium, organic, and wholesome treat that enhances their overall well-being while delighting their taste buds.

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Woofur Branded Treat


Dental Health: Reduce plaque and tartar buildup for healthier teeth and gums in your pets.

Calcium Source: Natural calcium content supports strong bones and teeth, contributing to overall well-being.

Digestive Health: Aid in digestion and promote firmer stools.

Protein-Rich: These necks are packed with high-quality protein, supporting muscle growth and vitality.

Training & Bonding: Ideal for training or as tokens of affection, these treats enhance your connection with your pets.


Organic Chicken Necks

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