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Animal Communication

Animal Communication

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During an Animal Communication session, we will connect with your animal companion to bring forward the wisdom your pet wants to share with you as well as ask your animal any questions you may have regarding their experiences.

What is Animal Communication used for?

  • To connect to your animal regarding any physical or psychological issues, stressors, and symptoms they may be experiencing.

  • To connect about their relationship with you, household and others around them.

  • To learn about the things they are here to help you with. How they want to support your growth, learning, and healing.

  • To learn about their motivations for behaviors and sense of purpose.

  • To understand possible requests they may have for changes in diet, social interaction, and environment.

  • To help your pet understand your requests and expectations for creating a more harmonious life together.

  • To help you and your pet heal from past traumas or experiences that have been blocking their joy, expression, or sense of wellbeing.

  • To understand their experience and requests regarding their end-of-life journey, transitioning out of their body, and the experience of being in spirit.

A session takes approximately 30 mins over Zoom. A session link will be provided after registration and payment is complete.

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