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Barbicide - 64oz.

Barbicide - 64oz.

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Barbicide disinfectant is specially designed to kill germs and bacteria of different working tools such as hair brushes, combs, curlers and scissors. Can be used on acrylic surfaces, plastic or stainless steel. 



  • Anti-rust product
  • Does not stain


    Mix 62.5ml Barbicide in 1 liter of water
    Thoroughly clean tools prior to complete immersion for ten minutes
    Rinse with water after immersion
    Prepare a fresh solution daily or more if needed

    Additional Information:

    Back in the 1600s when pirates were the most awesome – they swore by one recipe, and one recipe only. A disinfectant that could clean the most toughest, dirtiest, bacteria-filled items. Most importantly, their expensive shears, combs and brushes used to groom their treasure-finding dogs (or on occasion, to trim their own beards).

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