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Bon Sip - Turmeric Mushroom Vegan Broth - 500ml

Bon Sip - Turmeric Mushroom Vegan Broth - 500ml

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Our pet's delicious vegan broth is slowly simmered for over 24 hours. Made from high-quality organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. This unique vegan mushroom broth will help support your pet's immunity, digestion, hydration, and inflammation. Suitable for both dogs and cats.

Potential Benefits Known To:

Help support your pet's immune system
Help digestion
Aid in hydration
Help inflammation
Aid in a luxurious coat
Help with anxiety


Various organic mushrooms (white, shiitake, oyster, porcini, reishi, maitaki & chaga), Organic lemongrass, Cold pressed organic turmeric, Organic ginger, Organic coriander, Organic turmeric, Cold pressed organic ginger, Organic thyme, Organic parsley, Organic nettle, Organic holy basil, Organic schisandra, Organic echinacea

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