Chilly Dog - Foxy Hoodie Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog - Foxy Hoodie Dog Sweater

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What does the fox say? - “Woof” when it’s the fox gracing the Chilly Dog Foxy Dog Hoodie on your furry best friend. Crafted from warm wool, this orange dog sweater boasts an intarsia knitted fox face, a hood with pointy ears, a black and white stripe accent, and a whimsical fox tail. Choose from the available size options.

Chilly Dog Chilly Dog cares not only about pets but also about our world and our environment. They brought livelihoods to a small village in South America, where their handmade pet sweaters are crafted. Growing from four to over 40 artisans, Chilly Dog has made a significant difference in the lives of the people who work for them. That sort of thing matters!


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Washing Instructions 

  • Sweaters are 100% Wool and can be machine washed, gentle cycle in cold water.
  • Do not put sweaters in the dryer, lay flat to dry.
  • May also be hand washed or dry cleaned.

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