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Earth M.D.

EarthMD - Outdoor Shield (Flea & Tick Prevention)

EarthMD - Outdoor Shield (Flea & Tick Prevention)

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A naturally effective alternative to expensive, toxic chemicals. 

Outdoor Shield powder supports digestive health, and promotes a healthy immune system to help protect them against nasty biting insects like fleas and ticks.

Your pet consumes the powder in their food and it transforms their blood to be poisonous to pests, killing fleas and ticks when they bite. This Outdoor Shield formula works from the inside out. The small amount of garlic ingredient comes out in your pet's skin through their blood and smells horrible to ticks and fleas. Thankfully it doesn't make our pets smelly!

Reported Functions:

  • Deters insects from biting
  • Makes pets smell bad to insects

In low-risk areas we recommend giving it to your pets for a week every other month. In high risk areas we recommend one week every month. We also recommend doing 10 days for high metabolism pets like puppies/kittens. There is no harm in giving extra as it is not poisonous to mammals.

Feeding Guide: dose can be divided per meal.

< 25lbs: 1 tsp
25-75lbs: 1 1/2 tsp
>75lbs: 2 tsp

Shake Well Before Use

Sizes: 50g, 100g

For more information on Outdoor Shield or natural flea and tick prevention, check out the article link below:

Recommended Use To Repel Insects Such As:

-black flies
-other biting insects


Quassia Bark, Neem Leaf, Spirulina, Garlic.

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