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Chubbs Bars - Ends For Friends Pack (5lbs)

Chubbs Bars - Ends For Friends Pack (5lbs)

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Deep discounted opportunity for groomers by buying misfit bars with the same purifying results!  Scents cannot be selected, all bars are unlabelled and may not conform to standard 4oz size. Bars are sold by total weight of 5 lbs.

Limited availability.


The Original Chubbs Bar purifying shampoo for cats, dogs, and other pets. Use alone as a degreaser and finishing shampoo (we recommend two lathers on most pets) or use as a purifier followed by another shampoo of your choice.

Note: Average usage per 113 g bar is 10-12 small-sized washes, 8-10 medium-sized washes, and 6-8 large-sized washes. Usage may vary by coat length and dirt.

For best results, be sure to thoroughly soak the coat of the pet down to the skin and remove all air pockets prior to soap application.

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