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Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover - Yeast Guard Plus

Four Leaf Rover - Yeast Guard Plus

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Save 20% Off This Premium Bundle
This veterinarian formulated trio is the ultimate hat trick for dogs dealing with yeast overgrowth. Gut Guard Plus helps break down yeast biofilm, create a gut environment that's inhospitable to yeast and support a health gut lining to keep yeast in the digestive tract, not in the skin. Save 20% off the individual products with this super premium bundle:

  • Helps naturally detoxify from yeast: This premium blend of herbs is hard on yeast yet friendly to the gut. Yeast Guard Plus is a gentle 3 step cleanse that will help detoxify the body from yeast and yeast toxins.
  • Easy To Use: Simply give your dog Digest 20 minutes before meal time, and the other two included products with their food. No confusing steps, we keep it simple.
  • Veterinarian formulated: You can feel good knowing this supplement was formulated by a holistic veterinarian.
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients: The herbs and plant ingredients in Yeast
  • Guard Plus are organic for a super-premium supplement that's gut friendly.
  • No inactive ingredients: If it's not on the label, it's not in the jar.

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