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MDC - SoftE Collar Cone

MDC - SoftE Collar Cone

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An Elizabethan collar designed for cats, dogs, and small animals in soft but durable fabric. Unlike other collars, the SoftE absorbs noise making it very well tolerated.

  • Effective barrier to self-trauma
  • Washable
  • Well tolerated

The SoftE Smart Collar is made of padded fabric and provides an effective barrier to licking or pulling at sutures or self-trauma of wounds. The material is uncoated non-woven fabric, which is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and water-resistant. The fabric protects furniture and owner’s legs whilst allowing the free movement of the patient’s head and neck so that they can walk, eat, drink, and sleep in comfort aiding a quick recovery. Very simple to use, it features a drawstring design enabling a precise and secure fit. Unlike traditional Elizabethan collars, the SoftE Smart Collar is flexible, lightweight, folds flat for easy storage, and springs back into shape when needed. Ideal for use in practice, this collar doesn’t bang or bash against kennels or cages. It absorbs noise and making it very well tolerated by ophthalmic, aural, nasal, and other head sensitive patients.

Size Guide:

  • Size 1: Neck 24cm / Length 10cm
  • Size 2: Neck 31cm / Length 14cm
  • Size 3: Neck 40cm / Length 16cm
  • Size 4: Neck 50cm / Length 20cm
  • Size 5: Neck 53 / Length 24cm
  • Size 6: Neck 40cm / Length 32cm (suitable for greyhounds & lurchers)

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