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Pretty Paw - Tungsten Noir Boots 2.0

Pretty Paw - Tungsten Noir Boots 2.0

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The Tungsten Noir snow boots is designed in the classic black with dark grey faux-fur lining that is packaged in a set of four booties.  The outer fabric consists of water repellent material to withstand the rain and the snow. The inner lining is a waterproof component that prevents the wetness from soaking through. The inside faux-fur provides a coated layer of warmth. The sole base is reinforced with an anti-slip rubber padding that is constructed to endure the elements of the cold winter season. The drawstring component is the key element in creating the function of simplicity.


SIZE            PAW (W)          PAW (L)

size 1          2.5cm                 3.5cm

size 2          3.5cm                4.5cm

size 3          4.5cm                5.5cm

size 4          5.5cm                6.5cm

size 5          6.5cm                7.5cm


*NOTE: Please measure in cm from your pet’s claw to their paw pad in length and width.  We advise that you order one size up so that your pet’s paws have some wiggle room.

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