Private Behaviour Modification Training

Private Behaviour Modification Training

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Is your dog suffering from one or more of the following issues? 

  • Aggression towards dogs and/or people

  • Anxiety (including separation anxiety)

  • Barking and/or Reactivity

  • Counter Surfing and/or Begging for Food

  • Resource/Territory Guarding

  • Pulling and/or Lunging Behaviour on Walks

  • Fear towards dogs/people/objects

  • Housesoiling/Inconsistent Potty

  • Nipping/Chewing

  • Jumping on people

If you've received an “all clear” from your veterinarian that your dog isn't suffering from any physical ailments that may cause any of the above mentioned issues, Woofur can help you resolve these issues through our effective Private Behaviour Modification programs. As every dog is unique in its innate behaviour and is subject to differing external influences like its environment and social experiences, each program will be customized to your dog’s specific needs.

All Private Behaviour Modification program require an initial 60 minute consultation session ($100+HST) with our trainer so that we can better understand your situation and to work with you to develop a customized training plan. 

In some circumstances, you can implement this plan on your own and your dog’s issues can be resolved after completing the initial consultation with the trainer.  Our goal is to provide you with a customized plan that addresses your dog’s physical and mental wellness, changes to their environment, tools and exercises to help it strengthen positive relationships with you, other dogs and people, which and when combined, will influence your dog’s mindset to curb its behaviour.

Let us assist you through this 60 minute Private Behaviour Modification consultation session to begin bettering your dog's behaviour!


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