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RC Pets - Pet First Aid Kit

RC Pets - Pet First Aid Kit

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The Pet First Aid Kit contains the necessary supplies and a helpful educational manual for treating small injuries and determining effective first response action while waiting for veterinary assistance. 

  • Pet First Aid manual included offers easy to follow instructions
  • Supplies are organized into clear pockets for quick access
  • Durable and easy to store kit can be kept in the home or car
  • An extended zipper pull allows you to open the kit easily even while wearing gloves

Contents include:  
  - English & French First Aid Manual
  - Gauze Pads x4 (7.5cmx7.5cm)
  - Gauze Pads x4 (10cmx10cm)
  - Gauze Pads x4 
  - PBT Bandage x 1 roll
  - Medical Adhesive Tape x1
  - Stainless Steel Scissors x1
  - Stainless Steel Tweezers x1
  - Medical Gloves x2 pair
  - Tongue Depressors x2
  - Cohesive Bandage x 1
  - Silver Emergency Blanket x1
  - Triangle Bandage x1
  - Instant Ice Pack x1
  - Whistle x 1
  - Self Generating Press Flash Light x1


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