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True Leaf - Healthy Skin & Coat - All Purpose Spray for Dogs

True Leaf - Healthy Skin & Coat - All Purpose Spray for Dogs

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TRUE LEAF Healthy Skin & Coat Spray is an ideal solution for cleansing and deodorizing your pet’s skin and coat. Formulated with the synergistic powers of Mediterranean oregano oil and the smell-enhancing properties of lemongrass oil, our natural blend is a premier choice for freshening your pet’s skin and fur.

Enjoy a burst of freshness, as the powerful ingredients in this all-purpose spray help shield your pet from skin irritations and stinky smells. TRUE LEAF Healthy Skin & Coat Spray is a holistic choice for helping with stinky fur. Our skin and coat spray also contains the appealing, warm, sweet and woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil which makes it the perfect complement to spritz on your pet’s bedding or favorite spots to roll in. Made in Canada!

120ml | 4fl. Oz


Mediterranean Oregano Oil (1.5%)

Purified Water

Palo Santo Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Denatured Alcohol

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake bottle. Spray on dog’s body, shielding the face and avoiding the eye area. Use as part of regular grooming for healthy skin and coat. Can also be used on dog bedding and crate as needed. FOR USE ON DOGS ONLY!

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