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UNDA Gemmo - Juniperus Communis (125ml)

UNDA Gemmo - Juniperus Communis (125ml)

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Juniperus Communis can biologically normalize alcoholic cirrhosis without the addition of other remedies. However, for other illnesses with similar symptoms, such as diabetes, chronic polyarthritis, and nephritis, the remedy will improve the conditions, but additional remedies will be required for a full recovery. During the treatment of hypoalbuminuria, Juniperus Communis eliminates the retained urea and uric acid, providing an important diuretic function. In addition to its hepatic function, Juniperus Communis also has an important action on the kidneys and can be used for certain chronic nephritis, certain pyelitis, and chronic cystitis. The more evident the symptoms, the more effective the remedy will be. This remedy is indicated in conditions such as major hepatic insufficiency, cirrhotic syndromes, bloating, and renal conditions. Because Juniperus Communis biological action is very deep, it should not be prescribed solely on the basis of clinical data.

Gemmotherapy uses the extracts of fresh buds, young shoots, rootlets, or saps from developing plants, where the plants' life essence is at its peak in the young growths. UNDA Gemmotherapy remedies are prepared in a natural glycerin and organic ethanol medium, which is then filtered and potentized at a 1/10th dilution (1X Hahnemannian) in a pure water, natural glycerin and organic ethanol medium. These complex remedies are macerated for increased patient compliance. This methodology captures the most complete set of highly-concentrated active constituents necessary for tissue regeneration, favourable growth development, and essential drainage properties. UNDA Gemmotherapy facilitates Biotherapeutic Drainage? and is an excellent adjunct to the UNDA Numbered Compounds.
Established over half a century ago in Belgium, UNDA is renowned for manufacturing exceptional homeopathic products utilized in supporting immune, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. In the production of all homeopathic remedies, UNDA uses only pure materials and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted. UNDA produces a broad range of homeopathic products in various potencies including the unique Numbered Compounds, Gemmotherapy macerates, Schessler Tissue Salts, Gammadyn Oligo-Elements, Organotherapy, Plexes, creams, and oils, as well as homeopathic compatible dental care.

Risk Info
If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use, it unless
directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Each Drop Contains:
-Juniperus communis (Juniper - Young Shoot) (1:200)
Dried Equivalent 0.125 mg (0.025 ml)

Non-medicinal ingredients:
-Ethanol (from beet), Glycerine, Purified water

Recommended Dosage:

Adults and Children over 12 years: 50 drops (1/2 teaspoon) three times daily.

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