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WAHL - Absolute Silk Conditioner

WAHL - Absolute Silk Conditioner

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A 64-1 ultra concentrate rich, white coat conditioner with silk extracts. Absolute Silk contains natural proteins, vitamins and natural oils that leave the coat smooth and shiny. The conditioner rinses out easily and never leaves the coat limp. Absolute Silk is formulated to saturate quickly into the coat to moisturize and protect, without leaving the hair oily. Absolute Silk is natural, organic and biodegradable.

  • Formulated with silk extracts, aloe and natural oils
  • Rinses clean to leave coat smooth and shiny
  • A rich, white, flora/fauna conditioner.
  • Contains natural proteins to leave the coat smooth and shiny without leaving the coat limp.
  • Formulated to saturate quickly into the skin to moisturize and protect without leaving the coat oily.
  • Natural, organic, and biodegradable.

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