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WAHL - Cat Flea Comb

WAHL - Cat Flea Comb

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Helps Detect and Remove Fleas Easily

Regular use of a flea comb can help uncover fleas, flea dirt, and flea eggs from your cat’s fur. As you brush, the finely spaced stainless- steel teeth collect fleas, flea dirt and flea eggs so that they can be easily eliminated.


To make sure that flea eggs do not end on the floor of your home, use comb outside or in a bathtub. Hold comb firmly in the hand and run the teeth gently through the fur in the direction of growth from the head to tail.

Key Features

  • Highly effective for detecting and getting rid of fleas, flea dirt and eggs from cat’s fur
  • Finely spaced stainless steel teeth are durable and will not bend or break over long term use
  • Smooth rounded tips for comfort and safety
  • Single row teeth offer increased visibility on what is picked up by the comb when going through the fur

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