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Woofur Pet Advent Calendar

Woofur Pet Advent Calendar

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Enjoy the holidays in the healthiest way possible with our very own natural, single-ingredient Advent Calendar!  Containing only natural treats that are gluten-free, nut-free, flour-free, preservatives-free, and artificial additive-free,  these treats are made with fresh, locally sourced Ontario ingredients that are antibiotic-free and hormone-free.

This Advent Calendar is made for anyone who wants to have fun ringing in the holidays while still being health conscious! 

What's in the Advent Calendar:

Day 1: Chicken Fillet

Day 2: Beef Liver

Day 3: Mussel

Day 4: Lake SMelts

Day 5: Porky Crunch

Day 6: Chick 'N Bits

Day 7: Chicken Liver

Day 8: Basa Crunch

Day 9: Turkey Crunch

Day 10: Pork Tongue

Day 11: Beefy Crunch

Day 12: Popcorn Chicken

Day 13: Turkey Liver

Day 14: Rabbit Crunch

Day 15: Iriko Sardines

Day 16. Meaty Beef Ball

Day 17. Cod Skin Bites

Day 18. Porky Crunch

Day 19. Turkey Crunch

Day 20. Popcorn Chicken

Day 21. Beef Tripe Ball

Day 22. Beefy Crunch

Day 23. Meaty Beef Ball

Day 24. Turkey Fillet

All advent contents are Made in Canada - Right here at Woofur. Let the holiday countdown begin! 🎄🎄🎅🎅🎁🎁


1. Chicken Fillet
2. Beef Liver
3. Mussel
4. Lake Smelts
5. Porky Crunch
6. Chick 'N Bits
7. Chicken Liver
8. Basa Crunch
9. Turkey Crunch
10. Pork Tongue
11. Beefy Crunch
12. Popcorn Chicken
13. Turkey Liver
14. Rabbit Crunch
15. Tripe Ball
16. Beef Ball
17. Chick 'N Bits
18. Porky Crunch
19. Turkey Crunch
20. Popcorn Chicken
21. Turkey Heart
22. Beefy Crunch
23. Beef Ball
24. Turkey Fillet

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