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Woofur - Calcium Eggshell Powder - 50g

Woofur - Calcium Eggshell Powder - 50g

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Woofur is proud to bring you a natural, bio-available calcium product that is ideal for supporting bone growth and bone strength. Calcium deficiencies are a common occurrence in companion animals, despite the claim by many pet foods that their diets are “complete." Since Calcium is the foundation block for building strong teeth and bones, you must ensure that your pet is receiving an adequate intake of bio-available calcium when they are young and growing rapidly.

Aging pets also benefit from a natural calcium source to prepare their bodies for the changing nutritional needs, especially to balance phosphorus in the system. Many older pets also cannot chew bones as readily as they did in their younger years and need a natural, easily digestible calcium supplement. Woofur's Calcium Eggshell Powder Supplement is a natural calcium source made from free-range eggs.

Ingredient: Free-range eggshell

Weight: 50g.


-Provides essential calcium for strong bones and teeth.
-Natural and easily digestible calcium supplement.
-Helps maintain the proper calcium-phosphorus ratio in the diet.
-Essential for blood clotting and overall
-Supports healthy growth and development.
-Benefits senior pets by preventing age-related bone loss.


Free-range eggshell

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