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Woofur Natural Pet Products

Woofur - Cow Snouts

Woofur - Cow Snouts

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Woofur Cow Beef Snout - the ultimate chew treat for your furry friend! Made from 100% furry cow noses, these treats are perfect for dogs who love a good chew. The tough texture ensures they last longer, providing hours of enjoyment for your pet.

Not only are Woofur Beef Snouts bursting with flavor that dogs adore, but they also offer additional benefits. The fur on the cow snout creates an abrasive action while chewing, helping to reduce plaque buildup and clear food residue from the digestive tract. This natural 'brushing' action aids in maintaining intestinal health by assisting in the removal of worms and eggs.

Concerned about bones? Fear not! Our cow noses contain only cartilage, making them safe even for puppies to enjoy. Plus, they're a fantastic source of high-quality protein while being low in fat, ensuring your dog stays satisfied and healthy.

Treat your beloved companion to Woofur Cow Snout - a delicious, nutritious, and long-lasting reward they'll wag their tails for!

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