Woofur - Raw Sheep Milk
Woofur - Raw Sheep Milk

Woofur - Raw Sheep Milk

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Woofur's Sheep dairy products are sourced directly from a Canadian local sheep farm that does not use antibiotics or hormones. Raw Sheep Milk is an excellent source of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.
  • 100% Canadian dairy, A2 Milk
  • From pasture raised and fed sheeps in Ontario
  • An excellent source of moisture
  • A great source of probiotics, digestive enzymes and amino acids
  • Perfect for both dogs and cats

Regular use of raw sheep milk and sheep kefir will strengthen the digestive system as well as toughen up the immune system. This is a must-try NEW supplement that is great for both dogs and cats. This is NOT the same as sheep milk you may find on your local grocery store shelves!

Ingredient: Sheep Milk

Handling Guidelines

  • Keep food frozen until ready to use
  • Shake well. Keep refrigerated. Use within 10 days after thawing
  • For pets only. Not for human consumption

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