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Woofur Natural Pet Products

Woofur Treats Gift Box

Woofur Treats Gift Box

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Celebrate every season of this year with these all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, healthy, and delicious Woofur treats!  Great as a gift for your pups and friends!

Available in 4 varieties to choose from:

Fish Treats Gift Box: Lake Smelts, Basa Crunch, Cod Skin Bites, Mussels, Iriko Sardines

Meat Treats Gift Box: Beef Liver, Turkey Liver, Pork Tongue, Porky Crunch, Meaty Beef Balls, Beef Tripe Balls

Poultry Treats Gift Box:  Turkey Fillet, Chicken Fillet, Turkey Crunch, Chick 'N Bits

Variety Treats Gift Box: Sweet Potato Chews, Apple Chips, and Banana Chips

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